Chris Matthews and Crew on Voter Suppression – It Undermines Legitimacy of the Result

Matthews: Voter suppression destroys legitimacy
Chris Matthews finishes the show explaining how laws that restrict voting “grimly and crudely limits the participation of African-Americans in our democracy.”

NC GOP Leader Speaks Candidly About “Lazy Blacks” in Supporting Voter Suppression


Jerry Springer: ‘Let’s let people vote!’
Joy Reid talks to former talk show host Jerry Springer about supporting Nina Turner’s Ohio Secretary of State race, youth turnout, and voter suppression efforts that include slashing early voting days.

Why 600,000 people in Texas may be unable to vote
Joy Reid talks to Sherrilyn Ifill and Texas State Rep. Trey Martinez-Fischer about Texas’ new voter ID law, which may prevent hundreds of thousands from voting in November.

Fight over missing Georgia voter registrations heats up
Rachel Maddow updates the story of the claim by a Georgia Democratic group that tens of thousands of new voter registrations have not been processed by the state, with the news of an adamant denial by the Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp.


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